So how can I help you?

Based on my 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur* and consultant for many businesses, I believe everything is “figureoutable”

-as Marie Forleo would put it. 😄

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Application Questionnaire

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4.   What is your budget for investing in your business over the next six months?

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Hello, I'm Diana,

a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years business experience, key note speaker and former TV presenter.

I have founded several companies in four different industries (marketing & brand communication, technology, TV), with two of my businesses making over $4 millions in revenue.

Throughout my career, I've helped numerous local and international companies solve their business and marketing challenges.

Having lived in four different countries- United States, United Kingdom, France, Morocco- for more than 14 years, I’m fluent in three languages, have an MBA in International Trade and Information Systems, and love interacting with different cultural backgrounds.

Freedom, Excellence, and Wisdom, the three key qualities that define my coaching course, are also part of my own values.

I’m a purpose driven entrepreneur who is more than inspired by my mission to help as many of you as possible reach location and time freedom.

Read more about my signature course, Time Saving Hustle™ here.